Quinoa Breakfast protein smoothie!

29/04/2020by Caroline0


✳️1 (pealed & in pieces) frozen banana 🍌
✳️ 1 tbsp of raw cacao powder 🍫
✳️ 2 medjoul dates
✳️ 2 spoons of quinoa meal or puffed quinoa gruts
✳️ 1/2 spoon of mixed nut paste 🌰
✳️ 1 tbsp of natural whey protein powder
✳️ 150 – 200 ml of unsweetened almond milk (the runnier you like it, the more milk you add)
✳️ Optional: ice cube, 1 tbsp of agave
✳️ Top with puffed quinoa and a bit of cacao poweder
✳️Mix all of this goodness💪👆and enjoy foodies!


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