Quinoa Mac ’n cheese with pumpkin,leek and a pumpkin cheesy saus!

04/05/2020by Caroline0

Quinoa Mac ’n cheese with pumpkin, leek and a pumpkin cheesy saus!

This is real healthy comfort food guys😋😁

The recipe:

✳️ Peel and chop a butternut (pumpkin) in pieces (brunoise).
✳️Stir fry half of the butternut in a bit of oil, season with pepper, pinch of salt, cayenne pepper.
✳️When pumpkin is well-done, mix or blend with a cup of low fat milk. Put this sause in a pan, and when warm, add a handful of grated cheese. Season with some nutmeg. Stir well. Put aside.
✳️ Heat and stir fry in a wokpan: 1 chopped onion, 1 red chili, 2 washed and cut leeks and the other half of the pumpkin pieces.
✳️When veggies are well done, add 150 grams of cooked white quinoa, the cheesy pumpkin sause and stir a bit longer.

Top with salad and enjoy!
Leftovers are ideal to freeze or as lunch for the next day!


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